This network ( is currently recongized as a suspect-network. Further information can be found below.
- Netherlands
Phishing hosting, Botnet hosting
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On 2018-11-24 18:15:44 from nomatter
URL, which traces back to IP, is being used bt a phishing campaign over SMS in Brazil. Caixa is Brazil’s largest state-owned savings & banking corporation, and the SMS purports to be means of unblocking bank accounts.
On 2018-06-30 18:01:14 from Sam Hauser
This IP hosts quite an amount of different scam forwarding domains.

Example 1=

domain -
link -
Reason: fraudulent forwarding network/malicious resource

Evidence why malicious:

Forwards to various fraud resources.

Fraud evidence: is part of a forwarding network which redirects to random sources.

In this example the redirect goal is

Reason why fraud:

also listed on that page here:

Example 2=


This is a fraud forwarding system. Offending link:

Redirect evidence:

Why a fraud forward?

Reason: Rated malicious/phishing