On AbuseMall you can fill out abuse complaints on (suspect) networks. These abuse complaints will be visible to others (and hopefully the owner of the abuse network). By filling out abuse reports on suspect networks, you help other internet users with their assessment how big the threat for a certain IP address or network is. With the information provided by AbuseMall, users are able to to figure out the appropriate measures that should be taken to protect their own infrastructure from threats originating from suspect networks.

You can fill out an abuse complaint on network that is already listed on suspect-networks.io or on networks that are not considered as suspect network yet. By filling out abuse complaints against unknown networks, you help us to identify new suspect networks.

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Most recent abuse reports received by users of suspect-network.io:

Dateadded (UTC)IP addressCategoryASNCountryAbuse complaint
2018-11-30 13:02:390.0.0.0malwareShow abuse complaint
2018-11-24 18:15:44185.35.138.250phishingAS62454 ZYZTM- NetherlandsShow abuse complaint
2018-11-21 12:34: abuse complaint
2018-09-26 14:16:2692.63.197.48botnet C2AS60307 HVFOPSERVER-AS,- Russian FederationShow abuse complaint
2018-08-27 22:24: kitAS58222 SOLAR-AS,- CroatiaShow abuse complaint
2018-08-17 22:41:0792.63.197.123spamAS60307 HVFOPSERVER-AS,- Russian FederationShow abuse complaint
2018-08-05 16:48:59185.231.114.0botnet C2Show abuse complaint
2018-08-04 06:48:07146.185.222.33exploit kitShow abuse complaint
2018-08-04 02:33:1546.161.42.84otherShow abuse complaint
2018-06-30 18:01:14185.35.138.112phishingAS62454 ZYZTM- NetherlandsShow abuse complaint
2018-06-15 09:37:3292.63.197.101spamAS60307 HVFOPSERVER-AS,- Russian FederationShow abuse complaint
2018-06-07 10:39:50185.231.114.0botnet C2Show abuse complaint
2018-05-04 14:08:1977.72.82.24otherAS43350 NFORCE,- United KingdomShow abuse complaint
2018-04-19 08:46:1792.63.197.104spamAS60307 HVFOPSERVER-AS,- Russian FederationShow abuse complaint
2018-03-27 12:24:06185.209.85.64malwareAS57578 MISAKA-RU- Russian FederationShow abuse complaint
2018-03-21 12:58:39185.121.139.57otherShow abuse complaint
2018-02-05 17:33:1423.227.196.139exploit kitShow abuse complaint
2018-02-02 17:51:08185.15.83.186spamShow abuse complaint
2017-06-14 18:55:32195.154.236.2malwareShow abuse complaint
2017-03-30 06:28:5289.45.67.178otherShow abuse complaint